“I will formulate a results driven, unique combination of products, techniques and treatments suited for you”

Environ Ionzyme Facials

Ionzyme Facials

“I will formulate a results driven, unique combination of products, techniques and treatments suited for you”

Options range from gentle lactic peels that soften and remove dead skin to procedures that increase penetration of the essential vitamins A and C which replenish dull and damaged skin, instantly bringing your complexion back to life. These vitamins combined with other intensive ingredients work to repair, replenish and protect
your skin.

The essential part of your facial is through the use of sonophoresis (sound waves) and galvanic currents. Combining these techniques aids the deeper penetration of the chosen product, increasing the absorption down to the skin’s basal layer and fibroblast cells, renewing strong healthy skin from within.

To maintain good healthy skin, a monthly facial is recommended, supported by a good home care routine.

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AromaWorks Signature Facial


Nourish, replenish, rejuvenate and balance using a combination of delicately blended serums and oils. This facial incorporates pressure point massage with lymph drainage to gently work into the face and décolletage post cleansing to reduce puffiness and tension on the face and neck.

Head and Shoulder Massage


Totally unwind with a calming head and neck massage to soothe headaches and painful tension and clear that fuzzy head.

De Stress Muscle Release

Full Body £60 Back and Neck £32

An intensive physical massage that creates relaxation and mental calm while aches and pains drift away. While sometime sensitive, the benefits are felt long after the treatment has finished.

Hot Stones

Full Body £65 Back and Neck £37

Introducing hot stones into your massage helps to enhance the relaxation of the muscles. Warming and soothing, easing away those stresses to take you into a restful state, giving you a replenished body and mind.

Having had regular facials for the last 25 years, and always using high quality products at home, I have been amazed at the difference of my skin since I first went to see Samantha Hamp and had a skin analysis consultation in July 2016.

Quite frankly the skin analysis was disturbing showing the amount of sun damage and pigmentation on my face. I was given a prescription of Environ products to use and in the 16 months of the photo comparisons, I was amazed at the improvement in sun damage, wrinkles and redness between the two skin analysis’s.

I have continued to have treatments, with Samantha tailoring the monthly facials to my skin requirements. I have also had a course of CACI and have monthly top-up treatments as I found they improved the facial profile by tightening the muscles and improving the skin texture.

I have no hesitation in recommending Samantha Hamp and for her knowledge and experience of Environ products.

Joyce Slater




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